by Servion

10, May 2016


While politeness definitely helps calm the nerves of a customer, unnecessary delays due to ‘getting details’ can be quite unnerving. Any ‘valued’ customer of an organization would love to have information pulled up immediately and with minimum wait time.

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by Archana Sangili

5, May 2016


How can brands deal with the moment of truth? Is it through staying ahead of times or by taking out time to understand and resolve customer needs? Well, I think that it has to be a combination of the two.

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by Vimal Abraham

4, May 2016


It is disheartening to see industry leaders not investing much in understanding ‘who I am’ more than ‘what I might need’.

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by Roshini Cherian

3, May 2016


In every interaction, irrespective of the channel, there lies an unconscious but defined objective – to keep the customer happy. But how often are customers satisfied about the experience?

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by Sanjay Kalra

28, April 2016


While ‘Digital’ has transformed processes that impact every part of an Enterprise’s functioning, it has only magnified the importance of Customer Experience as the key differentiator for today’s businesses.

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by Sheela Narashiman

26, April 2016


Customer experience is neither rocket science nor a herculean task. Sometimes all it requires is just a bit of training

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by Kaustubh Sathe

22, April 2016


An expert, a counselor, a guide, a professional adviser? The first thing I learned is that – “A consultant is a facilitator”

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by Servion

21, April 2016


Research has proven that while enterprises focus on providing customer service across multiple channels, they are unable to offer a consistent, contextual and personalized service. Omnichannel is not an option; it is a need.

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by Servion

19, April 2016


With advent of analytics and expertise in integration, the opportunities to personalize and humanize customer interactions is at its pinnacle today.

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by Servion

14, April 2016


The growing usage of technology is affecting how companies across conduct their businesses. Exciting digital landscapes have opened up all over the world, with more than half of the population engaging in social media activity through their mobile phones.

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