author by Servion

25, January 2017


Gartner predicts that cloud adoption is expected to reach a whopping $250 billion by the end of 2017. Cloud computing that was previously confined to the consumer web space is now evolving to encompass all other fields as well. As expectations for better and faster service is increasing among customers, the contact center industry too is forced to embrace this technology.

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author by Sheela Narashiman

24, January 2017


Customer service representatives now have a greater purpose to fulfill in the battleground of obtaining and retaining customers. It is indeed an uphill task to provide world-class service to customers. Given the fact, that there is hardly 5 minutes of conversation within which they have to enter the customer information/details, assess the problem, scout for an acceptable solution, wrap up the call and meet metrics. Therefore, it is important for organizations to make sure that their representatives speak the right language. One way of assuring this is through effective call monitoring process. While the term call monitoring may sound simple it involves greater nuances. We have captured 11 best practices that organizations must adapt to win the customer loyalty battle.

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author by Archana Sangili

20, January 2017


CX Weekly Roundup is a weekly post on the happenings around the world on all things related to customer experience.

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author by Roshini Cherian

19, January 2017


Running a contact center is a herculean task, especially in telecommunication, banking, e-commerce, airline industries. A good rapport with your agents, co-ordination skills, quick decision-making abilities along with problem management capabilities and sound industry expertise are barometers for success as a contact center manager. It means that they have created an environment that is hassle-free, productive and customer-centric.

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author by Archana Sangili

17, January 2017


Customer Experience, going forward, is going to be the biggest game changer for businesses. Historically, it has been delivered through human interactions. This business is now different, additional technological tools have changed the traditional way of how conversations happen.

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author by Shashi

12, January 2017


Every brand is focused on unlocking the full potential of its Customer Experience (CX) strategies. In this increasingly digital economy, businesses – no matter the geography or domain – are looking to keep their customers engaged, happy and loyal. Today, all you need to do is blink for a second and you may miss out on what your customers want. By the time you can react to it, your competitors may have already stepped in. That’s how rapid the evolution of Customer Experience Management (CEM) has been, over the past few years.

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author by Servion

9, January 2017


The only constant is change. Be it an evolving customer service or the contact center industry. The contact center is no different. It has seen and survived, the major transitions from being a call center to becoming a contact center. This transformation was possible and stable because of the adoption of innovation and advanced technology. Innovation is […]

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author by Servion

6, January 2017


We are so excited to share our first roundup post for this year with you. From driverless transportation to movie theaters, we have an interesting bunch of news on CX.

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author by Badri

3, January 2017


The root word Game means amusement or fun, directly linking it to the pleasurable activity or indulgence. What is fun differs from person to person. Gamification is, therefore, the act of involving individuals to experience in a fun way to memorize, learn things over time and be rewarded for doing so.

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author by Christy Bharath

27, December 2016


With every New Year arrives the urge to come up with resolutions that we vow to stand by. Pragmatic aspirations that are essential to creating moments of personal triumph. It is human nature, after all. Everyone is on a journey to constantly pursue a better life.

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