by Sanjay Kalra

16, June 2016


Servion’s launch of ServEngage at Avaya Engage 2016 was very timely and was well-received by numerous end-customers and partners whom we interacted with very closely during the conference.

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by Servion

13, June 2016


The last mile – The game changer in the race of customer experience. It is the check point that tests the true mettle of an enterprise. Stay tuned for the multi-part blog series on ‘The making of the last mile’.

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by Servion

8, June 2016


Brands must identify the current phases in the journey to help the customer scale up to the next level. It’s where your customer turns into the brand advocate.

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by Parvathy H

3, June 2016


When an enterprise decides to go the contact center way, how do they decide how many servers, ports, licenses, instances are required to start the ball rolling? It is not just a number.

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by Servion

31, May 2016


Millennials expect customer service to be offered to them in ways different that are a far cry the traditional approach to assisting customers.

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by Sheela Narashiman

27, May 2016


Just investing in better infrastructure and facilities without the customer in mind does not make a favorable equation.

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by Servion

23, May 2016


Omni-channel marketing experience driven by hard analytics will be the reason behind every successful customer interaction, for the retail industry.

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by Servion

19, May 2016


NBAs guide agents with the knowledge of customer preferences at any given time. Customer relationships are further enhanced by this model leading to better business benefits.

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by Vimal Abraham

18, May 2016


Shouldn’t anything and everything we do as marketers circle back to the customer? Shouldn’t we as marketers be more buyer-centric than ever before?

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by Roshini Cherian

11, May 2016


Considering the mass digital consumption of services, has customer experience changed drastically as opposed to when it was delivered from brick-and-mortar stores?

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