No to queue. Yes to call back.

17, October 2016

The phrase – “Wait on hold” has inadvertently caused brands across domains to lose customers. This is because the measures to cut the average hold time are difficult to install. Most customers try to be patient and wait in the queue. But data reveals that the hold time is proportional to the volume of calls abandoned. This can cause the brand’s reputation to plummet. Besides sending existing and potential customers in the direction of competitors.
That’s where Courtsey Call Back(CCB) can come to rescue. This feature can help to reduce call waiting time and improve customer experience.


Not just out of courtesy

Through a simple system installed in a contact center – Call Back, customers can skip long wait time. They can opt for a call back when an agent is available without losing their position in the queue. Also called preemptive calling, it comes handy to tackle seasonal call spikes.

The who, the why and the when

To make Call Back effective, make it exclusive. Offer it to one-fourth of the customer base. Through analytics, it is easier to assign elite customers based on profile, location and buying behavior. For instance, a frequent customer put on hold status will be a top priority during the callback cycle. Priority is also assigned based on the product or service for which a customer calls for.

In short, the callback strategy can differ from contact centers and their business policies.

The ROI advantage

Not only does Call Back lets the agent handle shorter calls per week and decrease hold time, it reduces costs. It can boost agents moral and hence their productivity. Empowered agents mean more calls per hour yet lower transaction time. Besides, the extra time can be used to generate extra revenue.

Side view of line of call centre employees are smiling and working on computers.

Other key benefits

  • Shortened transaction saves everyone’s time.
  • Escalation in call handling capacity without extra staffing costs
  • Acts as a metric to improve the efficiency of customer service
  • Beats making valuable customers be on hold and listen to music!