How to measure CX in the future, the scientific way to design the best customer experience and more trending news
CXRoundUp 66

2, March 2018

Forrester has published a report on the future of customer experience measurement. The major takeaways being the trends changing the CX landscape, how leaders should rethink about CX measurement data and upgrade analytics to be more predictive and perspective. This ensures CX professionals to stay connected with customers and receive valuable feedback. The concepts when applied in CX strategy can result in engaging and personalized interaction.

Enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud analytics. The biggest reasons being it help businesses achieve their objectives faster with lower risks and costs. It also powers cross-collaboration and operational efficiency. However, it comes with a set of concerns regarding data governance, such as unstandardized cloud services, difficulty in integration, and licensing limits. Yet with it’s processing power, scale, and economics, cloud analytics is the future competitor differentiator.

There is a scientific way to design a good customer experience for maximum payoff. This involves creating memorable experiences that customers can recall and relish, in addition to making them a customer for a lifetime. According to social psychology and behavioral economics, customers can remember only snapshots of interactions with a brand throughout their life cycle. It can be categorized into primary effect, recency effect and peak moments. Armed with this knowledge, it’s up to the brands to create ‘wow’ moments to establish an emotional connection with their customers.

Optimizing customer experience online involves design, usability, and search. For design, understanding the customer intent in visiting your website. Then create an experience aligned with design element to create a solution which is also easy to use. Usability analysis can help to design the friendliest of the designs. The third optimizing element, search, it should throw results faster along with keeping the relevancy at the maximum.