Know your customers, keep them happy

10, February 2016

Customers share an enormous amount of data with any brand they interact with. And every minute, such customer data is collected from channels such as IVR, CTI, ACD, diallers, email and other social channels.

For instance, whenever you travel by air, you interact with staff members of your preferred airline. They say hello and smile. You smile right back. That isn’t data though. That’s just good manners!

So let’s rewind a little bit.

A few days prior to travel, you probably called up the airline to check for luggage details. Maybe you emailed them, asking for confirmation on your itinerary. Perhaps, upon landing – you left a comment on the brand’s Facebook page about how you expected more legroom on your flight.

This is the sort of data that brands can use to keep their customers coming back for more. It is up to the contact centers to ensure that they are thoroughly understood, and interpreted as actionable insights.

However it’s easier said than done though. There are huge chunks of complex data scattered across multiple silos. But with the right analytics system, brands – no matter the domain they are in – can discover purposeful ways to integrate customer data within their contact center ecosystem.

Here’s how Servion helps design a smart preview of customer behavior irrespective of why, where or how they choose to connect with brands.