Just a bit of that human touch
Human Touch in AI

3, May 2017

In the near future, with the development of automated and predictive intelligence that is revolutionizing the customer service industry, some of us – the Sarah Connors of the world, would find comfort in experiencing a human touch to make us believe that brands really care as much as they claim to do.

Many millennials, though we unapologetically exploit technology to our maximum benefit, often dislike the robotic voice that attempts to serve us better only when self-service has eluded us in the first place. Not that we don’t love bots because we do. But what we love more, is an actual human on the other end genuinely wanting to help us because we have been loyal to the brand. It is known that millennials can recite brand names and take personal pride in flaunting them. For such walking and talking brand advocates,  enterprises need to go the extra mile by lending  personalized customer care through an actual human being.

We do accept that human interaction is expensive and time-consuming, with other unavoidable prevalent limitations. But with few upgrades to existing contact center technology and infrastructure, enterprises can take it to the next level.


Here are some ways to lend a personal touch in today’s automated world of customer experience:

– Inculcate a sustainable service culture and ensure consistent customer experience across all channels

– Empathy towards the emotional inconvenience of the customer and seeing issues through the eyes of the customer

– Offer better human services by asking the right questions after understanding the customer journey pain points. Adding personal touches to the conversation will be a bonus.

– A direct call from agents or even better a video call when issues escalate, it is an opportunity to show customers how valuable they are and how much the enterprise will go to assist them

– A quick follow up, though seemingly a small task can lead to a favorable impact on customers and can increase the satisfaction quotient by a notch

Though technology eliminates the aspects of human error, going forward – the key differentiator in the customer experience space would be to provide an exceptional human touch when dealing with the customers. Given, when Skynet takes over, we will have hope that a Terminator will give us – the Connors – some comfort.

Archana builds content and handles social media for Servion. She is also a travel enthusiast. When not writing, she juggles between her Canon 7D and her Kindle.

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