Howdy – And the Oscar goes to
Howdy Oscar

28, March 2018

In this special Oscar edition of “HOWDY – The lighter side of CX”, we give a big shout-out to the real heroes of the Customer Experience industry – The Contact Center Agents!

This comic is our way of honoring the heroes who battle customer frustrations, match with customer expectations, and be armed to answer any query that comes their way. These heroes need to be celebrated, to be acknowledge for the services they do because without which the customer experience industry won’t have a smooth run. The voice behind every great customer experience, the crucial reason behind the high CSAT score and loyalty that every brand enjoys from their customers.

Contact Center heroes also are the brand ambassadors that use their power to establish a positive image for the enterprise on different interaction channels. So join us on this comic to tell the Contact Center agents of the world that they are much appreciate and are nothing short of being heroes.

Howdy Oscar - the CX agent