Four possible answers to the millennial-dollar question

31, May 2016

Those between the ages of 14 and 35 are part of the most targeted shopping demographics right now. In this age of the millennial shopper, both the volume and velocity of their purchasing powers have made them valuable commodities for retailers. And these folks expect customer service to be offered to them in ways different that are a far cry the traditional approach to assisting customers.

So let us try to dig deeper into their collective psyche and pull out the four possible answers to the millennial dollar question – how to offer customer experience to delight these millennials?

Buy your ticket to the omnibus ride

The millennial shoppers are digitally savvy. They navigate on an average among five different devices during the purchasing process. What they want is options; an optimized experience – no matter the device. Enterprises should help them bridge the gap between a seamless online store experience and an offline in-store one. For instance, ensuring a mobile-friendly check-out process or providing choices on how they can buy, ship and pick up products. They can go a long way in laying the cement on their loyalty for your e-store.

Help them spend and save, not vice-versa

One of the most popular myths around the millennials is that they are spendthrifts with a luxurious lifestyle. In reality, they are more frugal shoppers. Having experienced and seen first-hand, the hard lessons of recent recessions, they are moving towards financially-conservative lifestyles. Thus, positioning offers based on the generation’s current obsession with practicality and durability, you can amass more buyers versus catering to luxuries and popular trends.


Reward their loyalty with royalty

It’s a wise decision to assume that a millennial sometimes just want the carrot – no questions asked. Forget dangling it, sometimes just give them free carrots for buying all those other vegetables. Integrate incentives/rewards-based programs in your marketing campaigns. It will keep them coming back, and just for the free stuff. They are not looking for hand-outs without putting in the efforts to be good customers. Reward them. That’s just good shopping karma.

Get them sharing, and others – caring

Here’s another misconception – millennial customers are harder to evaluate than any other age group, given their dislike for excess advertising. Again, not true given the sizable chunks of time they spend on user generated content. It’s because they take their social media seriously enough to make shopping decisions based on it. They love sharing experiences and they take communicate through social media to talk about and review brands. By promoting sales and marketing content on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and others, get these millennials talking about your brand.

Here is a little bonus fact to wrap up this post, making infrastructure changes to accommodate self-service applications for millennials can put your enterprise on a higher stage since they are the most self-reliant among customer personas.