Digital customer experience: Blink and you may miss it!

12, January 2017

Every brand is focused on unlocking the full potential of its Customer Experience (CX) strategies. In this increasingly digital economy, businesses – no matter the geography or domain – are looking to keep their customers engaged, happy and loyal. They want an authoritative guide to achieve CX excellence. But it is definitely easier said than done. Today, all you need to do is blink for a second and you may miss out on what your customers want. By the time you can react to it, your competitors may have already stepped in. That’s how rapid the evolution of Customer Experience Management (CEM) has been, over the past few years. Not just with regard to changing customer expectations, but within the realm of technology, as well.

It is no longer enough that your friendly-neighborhood contact centers interact with existing customers to answer their queries. Highly-successful brands have started to run Customer Engagement Hubs that do more than just meet customer demands. They look to attract prospective customers with engaging messages and distributed content, using digital interaction channels including sponsored videos, social media campaigns, mobile ads, and more.

The shift to digital customer experience has been very real. It isn’t just some buzzword that is making waves on your newsfeed.

According to Gartner, Mainstream adoption of new digital technology options is reshaping expectations for what is normal. Most companies recognize that continuous change is now unavoidable. The difficulty for these companies may ultimately lie not in their propensity to change, but in their ability to change at the pace the market requires”.

Brands are facing incredible pressure to adopt new technologies as part of their overall growth strategies. Whether operations, marketing, sales or technology, the onus is on every team to be consciously aware of the quantum leaps that are taking place. Cloud-hosted infrastructure, Internet of Things, predictive intelligence, and even – artificial intelligence are considered to be borderline mandatory in your to-do-list. The rise of contextual communication being a tour de force of customer interactions has brought disruptive technologies to the fore. Only in the not-so-distant future, they will not be disruptive, but rather – an authoritative part of CX excellence.

Let’s take a look at some of the current movers and shakers in Customer Experience Management.

Artificial Intelligence: Customers will growingly choose to use AI-enabled technologies to navigate through the complex digital service world. By 2019, artificial intelligence platform services will cannibalize revenues for 30% of market-leading companies”The ability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning will spur brands to enhance their decision-making processes and autonomous ecologies to ensure a cohesive and consistent experience for their customers.

Mobile experience: As the case has been for the past few years, mobile engagement will remain an important part of customer interactions. But, they have started to play new roles in complex multi-device interactions. Brands will have to make sure that they employ advanced mobile user experience techniques such as dynamic content delivery, A/B testing, cognitive and contextual services, VPAs, bots, etc.

Customer Analytics:
By 2018, 50% of agent interactions will be influenced by real-time analytics”. Customer analytics has become one of most crucial investments that can be made to fuel CX success. Predictive and prescriptive analytics are being used to convert customer insights into actionable outcomes. As the age of digitalization keeps moving on, the reliance on customer journey analytics will become more and more.
Cloud: The idea of a cloud based contact center industry is about to become a reality for successful brands within the next few years. It can help create a valuable and frictionless experience for customers. Gartner has predicted that “more than $1 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to the cloud during the next five years”. Increased scalability, enhanced data security, and improved efficiency, on a global scale, are few of its benefits.

Internet of Things (IoT): Many say that IoT is about to change the landscape of customer experience. It turns out that “every human is expected to own 20 or more connected devices by the year 2020”. Key insights on product performance, customer trends, and buying behavior can be accessed at an unprecedented speed and scale. It will egg brands to deliver higher performing products, services, and solutions. And, it will also allow them to use data from a connected device environment to refine their marketing and sales processes.

But, you have to ask yourself – where do you start? With so much happening in the customer-driven technology ecosystem, how do you even begin to understand what needs to be done? 

At Servion Global Solutions, we have not only seen the evolution of customer experience, but also have been an integral part of its innovation. As one of the pioneers of digital customer interaction management, we foresee huge gaps between what the customer wants and how a brand meets it. A recent study states that “60% of organizations still cite marketing (not customer experience) as the main function of social channels”. It’s a dangerous line that separates what your customers think and how you should perceive it. Unless you sift through the clutter of new technologies and pick the right ones to adopt, you just may lose your customers.

From where we stand, the future of customer experience lies in making the right choices. That’s exactly what we have been helping our clients do, for over 21 years and across six continents. With the Customer Experience Management (CEM) market expected to touch 13.18 Billion USD by 2021, it represents a huge opportunity for brands to invest in the long-term satisfaction of their customers.

At the upcoming Cisco EMEAR Customer Collaboration Sales Summit 2017, to be held on January 12, we will be showcasing our latest CX platforms and solutions.

If you are planning to be at the summit on January 12, then please come say hello. If you would like more information on Servion, please click here. Also, feel free to comment here or get in touch directly via my LinkedIn profile.

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