Dark Data, Vagabond Millennials, and CX Dashboard

2, February 2018

Set For A Change

The advancement in technology is reshaping the world around us. Innovation is also occurring on a large scale across industries due to this progress. Customer experience industry is also one such industry that is changing so brands can deliver effortless, yet stellar experience. Read the area which will be impacted by the evolving technology.

Millennial Musings

Millennials are the most important vagabonds that travel companies are trying to impress. They travel to Instagram worthy locations and splash their stories on social media platforms. Experiences is their mantra. With this knowledge, travel companies can cater to the idea of customer experience of Millennials with the help of this guide.

The Dark Side

Customer interaction data as well as the data collected from social media is vast. This data is both structured and unstructured. The unstructured data, also called dark data has the potential of revealing crucial details, which can help bridge the gap between the present version of CX to the benchmark version. AI powered listening can do exactly this, decode dark data to present insightful information to elevate customer experience.

The Dashboard Experience

Customer experience dashboards provide 360 degree view of customer interaction and lifecycle to agents, assisting in quick customer issue resolution. Customer trends, metrics and analytical data can also be presented on the screen for evaluation. However, like all good things, customer experience dashboard has it’s do’s and don’ts. Read this article to get acquainted.