CX in the UK drops again, Can VA’s incubate human empathy, CX @ 140 characters
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15, December 2017


UK Customer Experience drops from last year

According to the 2017 UK Customer Experience Excellence analysis from KPMG Nunwood, the overall score for Customer Experience in the UK has dropped, lagging significantly behind the USA. The overall CEE score has dropped from 7.33 in 2016 to 7.08, a record low for the UK. It is now apparent that it is vital for organizations to keep up with demands and listen to customers to close the Customer Experience gap and meet expectations.


What Does Good Customer Service Look Like? In Less than 140 Characters

Customer experience will always be the buzzword on the minds of organizations. So, what do leaders in the CX space think about it? What does customer experience mean to them? Here’s a compilation of thoughts from CX experts and leaders on how they intend to use CX to boost brand image and service the customer better.


Can Smart Virtual Personal Assistants Incubate Human Empathy? 

With smartphones comprising 69% of digital media time spent today, our emotional connectivity and comfort levels with it has overpowered that with other mankind. The time is now ripe for empathetic Virtual assistants that can further strengthen the relationship between human and machine. But, how do you get started?


Rise in Ransomware leading to more Automation?

The size and cost of data breaches are on the rise. More industries are being hit by ransomware and other cyber-attacks. According to cybersecurity experts, cloud security and artificial intelligence-driven security services are going to be major thrust areas in 2018. But with demands so high, the continuing dearth of a security professional is pointing towards one direction – more automation.


AOL instant messenger shuts down today    

After 20 years the iconic AOL (America Online) messenger is shutting down today. AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM, was launched in May 1997 for users to chat with each other in real-time, via text. At its peak, nearly half the internet traffic in the USA flowed through AOL. This shutdown is a testament to how people use technology to connect today.