The CX Weekly Roundup

30, September 2016

Welcome to the exciting addition to our blog, the weekly roundup.

This new featurette will lend a new perspective on what’s going around the world in CX. Tips, trends, events and interviews will be among those featured. And every week will have different flavors.

Customer-First Culture

With giant strides happening in technology, the true differentiator in business is when organization practice this doctrine – the customer is the king. Here is how organizations are establishing genuine connections with their customers.

Digital Develops Customer-First Culture And Org Structure

Customer Journey

The interaction stories of each customer through different channels will give the data which can point to the reasons behind customer frustration and appreciation. No wonder, even the Smithsonian is chasing stories of their tourist experiences.

Agencies turning ‘customer journey maps’ to tackle service woes


If your enterprise has decided to go cloud, here is a checklist you need to be asking to the cloud service provider before you sign the deal.
9 Questions to ask before you sign that deal with your cloud service provider


Everything is on the go now, for the majority of us. The marketing challenge is to deliver exception customer experience on the go.

Satisfy the 4 C’s of Customer Experience with Mobile Marketing


The future of business is automated. AI, robotics, and machines will impact the economy of the world. Learn how India is preparing to embrace automation.

How Indian BPO industry CIOs gears up to embrace automation


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