CX Weekly Roundup – Edition 7

11, November 2016

Well for everyone this has been an eventful week. Some unexpectable changes which caused public outcry, especially the change that broke hearts across the world – Toblerone. This goes to show how important is that you understand your customer and how they expect their experience to be.

This week on customer experience was about analytics, big data and their use in different domains.

Let’s take a look.

Customer Experience

Virtual reality has started to make a splash on all areas of business. With the help of VR, the old adage “Seeing is believing” can become a norm on how customers choose a brand. Customer experience is also supposed to get an upgrade with the adoption of virtual reality. Read more here.

Virtual reality gives customer experience a facelift

The best way to offer relevant experience and get insights to improve for a better response from customers is to evaluate the state of customer experience offerings at your organizations. Before you go running after a consultant to do the check, here are some check to do it yourself.

Understand the current state of customer experience without hiring a consultant


With new tools that are easy to learn and operate, the world of analytics is now welcome to folks others than coveted data experts. This has open how analytics has now embraced self-service. Read the below article to know more.

Self-service analytics is replacing traditional business intelligence

A survey by Gartner has revealed the importance and need for the role of Chief Data Officer for an organization. This below links stresses that how business will be affected in the absence of a CDO

Big Data

Love it or hate it, Big Data is here to stay. With the volume of data on the increase every day, Big Data transforms businesses across domains. Here is how the adoption of Big Data not only needs technological changes but requires a culture change to be harnessed.

Cultural Change is necessary for Big Data adoption


What good is technology if it doesn’t improve the citizen’s life for better. The customer experience wave has been changing how the governmental organizations function. Read the below articles to know how to used CX to provide a better experience.

5 steps to a better citizen experience

Improved customer experience drives down care delivery costs, reduces administrative expenses, improves patient and member retention and fosters better patient decision making. Here is how CX is making healthcare more committed to patients.

Bone deep CX


Working out of cubicles, sitting on reclining chairs, and interacting with customers who are dealing with their own problems – a day in the life of a call center agent is no bed of roses. Call center agents, though, are the lifeblood of your business.  Here are some tips to improve agent engagement.

Call of Duty: Improve agent engagement


Hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup.