CX Weekly Roundup – Edition 6

4, November 2016

This week is a glimpse of how the future of customer experience is going to be. From social media to chat bots, here is the interesting line up on the round up here. Keep calm and read on.


We all love new year predictions. Why not extend it to the Cloud. Read here what’s in store for Cloud for the coming year, what will be trending and how to make room for it.

Cloud Computing in 2016

Companies need to make a choice when it comes to cloud warehouse. How to make this choice ? It involves several factors to consider. Read the below article to equip yourself to make the choice.

What kind of Cloud Data Warehouse do you need


Communication is the most crucial aspect when it comes to customer experience regardless of the channel used to interact. Unified communication has become a norm but the new one on the horizon is – Unified Experiences. Learn about in the link below.

Why the goal should be unified experiences and not just unified communications

We are hearing a lot about chat bots. How they are going to be the next interaction medium to answer customer queries. Here is an interesting take on chat bot as a person.

A week in the life of a chat bot

Customer Experience

We have mentioned before and we will mention every day that technology can help brands to deliver better customer experience. A drilled down on how it helps is in the below link.

The holiday season is almost here. A shopping spree is going to unleash both in the real and the online world. To prepare for this cheerful madness online, here are some tips.

Preparing for the digital holiday rush

Social Media

With nearly 70% Australian customers obsessed with social media, these consumers are expecting a better customer experience through Social Media much more than email and phone. Read more here.

It’s time to take social customer care seriously

Every brand looks for new ways to gain the trust of their customers. What if we told you that the easiest and the happening approach is through social media. To know how to, read the article below.

5 forms of social proof to improve customer trust

Customer-First Culture

We believe in the customer first approach. We preach and practice in the same. Here are some wise words to inspire you and to make this a practice at your organization.

135 Customer Experience quotes to live by

We hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup. We promise to bring you a good one next week.