The CX Weekly Roundup – Edition 3

14, October 2016

Hey, CX buffs, this week’s dosage is all about the saga of customer experience.

Customer Experience Is A Year-Round Affair

Every business should indeed focus on ways to deliver a memorable experience for both their customers and employees because engaged employees build lasting relationships with customers.

Customer experience is non-stop work

Emotion Holds The Key To CX-Fueled Loyalty

The CX Index of 2016 for Canada has reaffirmed the theory that how a brand makes its customers feel influences the loyalty factor heavily.

The key to customer loyalty

Get More Value Out Of Data With The help Of Predictive Analytics

A recent research revealed the growing interest among the marketers to adopt predictive technologies to help measure and retrieve useful insights from massive organizational data.

Predictive Analytics help more value of data

A Modern Approach To Customer Journey To Drive Loyalty

Companies are now designing personalized customer journeys to created loyalty loops and look like it’s a design which could stand the test of time.

Modern customer journey for now

Soaring To Great Heights Of Customer Experience

The key is to listen to the customers and adapt as necessary to better align services to their needs, always keeping in mind what the brand promise stands for.

To please customers aim high

Customer Experience: Marketing’s Pull To Balance Its Push

The key to building a healthy brand is to balance marketing’s push with its pull, but what happens when push and pull are imbalanced.

The imbalance problem


We will be back next week!