CX Roundup – Edition 8

25, November 2016

Black Friday, the annual shopping madness season is upon us, full swing. The fight for the best deal is the motto of the season. And this time of the year poses the biggest challenge in terms of customer experience. As a cue, we decided to focus on this love-hate shopping fest as the highlight of this week’s roundup.

It’s Black Friday Special, y’all.



Black Friday isn’t going to fade in anytime sooner. It is time for the world to see this season on a higher level – borrow the cloud technology to support the busiest retail time of the year. The detailed insight is on the link below.

When cloud comes to the black Friday table

While Cloud Computing is still in the process of complete mainstream acceptance, network engineers have been busy inventing new subsets of the cloud. Curious? Check this link.

Behold the Cloud of clouds: The Intercloud



In the business of retail, keeping up with recent trends and forecasts can pay off in a big way. It hugely applies to Black Friday. Customer intelligence can come to rescue to track the incoming traffic to the stores.

In-store analytics: Key to Black Friday success?

How cool is it that now software analytics tools can help lawyers and courts determine whether software infringement cases have merit.

Use of Analytics to crack software IP theft cases


Big Data

The new revolution in business is now driven by big data and data analytics. It lets companies to tap in several data sources and transform it into usable knowledge. Learn how big data can help harness Black Friday information to profits.

Big Data and Black Friday

With Black Friday and Christmas shopping season already here, here is how big data and analytics can improve retail performance and devise a suitable marketing strategy.

All I want for Christmas is Big Data



We never get tired of talking about chat bots. It is now evolving in such a fast pace that these intelligent systems will be delivered through in a familiar, conversational way and these will be able to explain in a clear language on how and why they arrived at conclusions.

Bots that can talk can help to get more value from analytics

Have you ever been caught in a situation where it was all Greek to you? This can happen most of the times in the Contact Center world since it keeps evolving day after day. Here is a list of the most commonly used lexicon in the contact center industry which will help you understand these seemingly difficult terminologies.

59 Must Know Call Center Terminologies


Customer Experience

The days following Black Friday are notorious for customer-service breakdowns such as hold times of upward of one hour and abandoned help desk requests. Here are a few tips on how retailers can deliver superior service and drive loyalty this Black Friday and beyond

Why customer service will make or break retailers this Black Friday


Have a happy Black Friday!