The CX Roundup – Edition 53
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24, November 2017


Customer Service

You had me at Hello

Get Your Customers at “Hello” By Going The Extra Mile

Brands need to impress new customers on the first go and also consistently delight their existing ones. To do so they need to go an extra mile with their CX.


Artificial Intelligence

Table Talk

Putting The “AI” In The ThAInksgiving

AI revolution is here and it is imperative that the people at home to start understanding the potential benefits of AI. Here is how you can usher them into the AI world.

Artificial To Natural

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Artificial Intelligence Set To Boost Efficiency Of Solar & Wind

Automated operations powered by AI can be used to harness natural energy resources, especially Wind and Solar.


Grow Cloud

Smart Farming To Be Driven BY Growth In Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is expected to drive smart farming, including monitoring weather, temperature, and acidity.

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Untitled design (6)Make it work

Workplace Analytics As A Powerful Tool For Innovation

Brands are trying to make a wise decision about meeting place and workspace with the help of Analytics.



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