The CX Roundup – Edition 33

23, June 2017

Welcome to the 33rd edition of the CX Roundup. We eagerly bring to you the best of customer experience trends, news, and insights from around the world.

This week, we talk about robotic process automation as a virtual agent of change in delivering exceptional CX, how companies should deliver differentiate customer journeys, and the ways in which to drive better agent performance through practical contact center metrics.


Robotic Process Automation

Rise Of The Robot: How Banks Are Using Artificial Intelligence

Will Robotic Process Automation Create Or Eliminate Jobs?

The entrepreneur’s guide to robots, IoT, VR and blockchain


Customer Journey

Improving The Customer Journey With IoT

4 Insights You Can Unlock By Mapping The Customer Journey

Navigating the New Omnichannel Journey with Customer Data Platforms


Agent Performance

Can You Reduce AHT Without Damaging Customer Satisfaction?

The Best KPIs to Use in Your Call Centre