The CX Roundup – Edition 27

12, May 2017


What’s in store for this week’s roundup on customer experience. A lot of interesting articles and a new category – conversational commerce. It is this hot technology that allows customers to engage with brands through chatbots. Interesting right? Let the reading begin.


Artificial Intelligence

This technology, Artificial Intelligence is causing disruptions across industries. Marketing is no exception. Read here how AI will drive the future of marketing in the below link.

The Future of B2B Marketing: ABM and AI

Here is how you can choose the right AI platform for your organization.

AI Platform: How to make the smart choice



Cloud infrastructure, lets enterprises creates a virtual data center except that its virtual. Here is a step by step guide to buil d a cloud-based infrastructure.

Build a cloud-based infrastructure one layer at a time


Virtual Customer Assistants

The many benefits of a computer program that aids customers when they use self-service options. The debate is however if they can replace the human connection?

Can virtual customer assistants have more empathy than humans?


Conversational Commerce

Using the power of artificial intelligence to allow customers to have a productive conversation with chatbots. Many enterprises are already using it. Here are the details.

How to prepare for the next major digital touchpoint, conversational commerce


Hope you liked this roundup. Come back next week and we will have another one waiting for you.