The CX Roundup – Edition 26

5, May 2017


I would like to start by saying a big thank you to all of you who read this CX Roundup every week. The readership and support are increasing every week, this only makes us want to curate much more exciting articles for you guys. This week at our office we are charged to see a lot of inspiring stuff to take CX to the next era. This is clearly going to be reflected in our posts too. Now, let’s begin this week’s roundup.


Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty, for enterprises, is a treasure that is far easier to obtain than retain. Here is an example that how increased customer engagement promotes customer loyalty.

Marvel finds enhanced customer engagement from insider loyalty program

When a brand loses customers steadily, how to win their loyalty back? Read here the steps to reverse the decline in customer experience

Exclusive ways to win back your customers’ trust


Customer Service

Video support is gaining popularity among customers. It lends a human touch. Find the ways to do video calls the right way.

3 Things you must do to get video calls right


 Social Media

The simplest and easiest way for customers to connect with brands and vice versa is through social media. Below is a post that lists the hidden benefits of social media that will improve customer experience.

The hidden benefits of social media


Artificial Intelligence

Yesterday was May 4th, also know as ‘Star Wars Day’. This iconic movie franchise has shaped how we think about artificial intelligence and robots. Read this story here.

Star Wars gives us the vision of just how powerful AI in business could be



Nice Interactions 2017 is happening in Las Vegas on May 8 – 10. This event is great for learning how your organization can enhance customer experience from industry experts and it is great for networking. The details are on the below link.

Nice Interactions 2017


Hope you liked this roundup. Come back next week.