The CX Roundup – Edition 24

21, April 2017


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We feature the best of customer experience stories, trends, and alerts that got the spotlight in the previous week. We have extensively focused on AI and Cloud on many of our editions. This week too, we are obliged to highlight the impact AI and Cloud Computing is having on different industries and how helpful it is going to be in the future to improve customer experience.


Artificial Intelligence

In our previous edition, we shared that AI is showing evidence of recognizing images better than humans. Fortunately, this image recognition works well for chemistry as well. This technology can be used to build drugs for cancers and other diseases. Read the whole story here.

Artificial Intelligence Could Build New Drugs Faster Than Human Team


Insurance giants have started experimenting with AI to gather data, store them and extract valuable information to decide the financial longevity of their customers.

Why Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Be Managing Our Finances



There is a new trend called ‘Fog Computing’ and it is set to enhance the potential of the Cloud. Read this future trend here.

Fog Is Coming, And That’s Good News For The Cloud


The legacy of Cloud Computing is narrating the new era of automobiles.

Cloud Computing’s History Foretells the Future of Automotive


Cloud Contact Centers are changing the way businesses communicate with their customers. They are also the perfect platforms that benefit both agents and customers.

6 Ways Cloud Contact Centers Improve Agent Experience


Customer Satisfaction

Businesses invest on teams and technologies to improve customer satisfaction. This is crucial, it decides if the customer will return or will support competitors. Read here how to do it.

5 Practical Actions to Improve Customer Satisfaction


Customer Journey

Customer journey tracking is not a new concept but can it extend to in-store customer journey tracking? To know more, read here.

In-Store Customer Journey Tracking: Can You Really Do This?


Hope you found our CX roundup as informative as we intended it to be. Please feel free to share your thoughts on our roundup posts. Cheers!






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