17, April 2017

The CX Roundup – Edition 23

CX Buffs,

Hi there!

I think this blog post is my favorite among the ones I have put together in recent times.

Why? Because it has all the ingredients that will make it one. Great articles, one will melt your heart, one will make you rethink and others will make it implement changes to your existing process to deliver business value. I wish to say no more. Read and find it out for yourselves.

Artificial Intelligence

We have time to time raved about what AI can do to improve life for common man. It makes want us to cheer for all emerging technologies. One such story about AI is this one.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping The Visually Impaired


Cloud Computing

Deploying cloud for enterprises has met with more success. However, what follows next hasn’t been a piece of cake – Cloud Governance Program. Here are some tips to gain success in cloud governance.

Six Steps To Cloud Governance Success


Big Data

Data about customers comes in different ways, and Big Data is here to help make sense of this data for enterprises. Here are some of the trends on Big Data that you must know.

15 Big Data Technology Developments You Should Know About


Future Gaze

If you are heading an enterprise, this is the article you should be reading in order to know where CX has headed and the strategic objectives your CX initiatives should be aligned to.

The Future of CX


Customer Journey

Understanding how to create customer journey maps and how to leverage them to serve customers better can bring value to business. Here is how enterprises can implement customer journey maps.

How To Effectively Implement Customer Journey Maps


Hope you found this blog post useful. We would love to hear from you on what more sections can we feature and all the other things you would love to see here. Please write to us to have your blog posts featured in our CX roundup.

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