The CX Roundup – Edition 20

24, March 2017

Dear Readers,

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. This is the 20th edition of customer experience roundup.

Technology is a cool thing and it has made the business of customer experience evolve with it. IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are this generation’s technology causing disruptions in the CX space. This week’s roundup talks about this technology and how it impacts the customer experience.


Artificial Intelligence

AI is taking every industry by storm. It has not spared even the creative process. Some creative agencies are now very keen to adopt AI as a part of their creative process.

How 4 Agencies Are Using Artificial Intelligence as Part of the Creative Process


The Finance industry is steadily embracing AI. With the potential of Artifical Intelligence, the finance industry aims at improving the modern economy. Read the story here.

How artificial intelligence is impacting the highest levels of finance


Internet of Things

IoT is incorporated into various industries to achieve great strides. The most exciting of the IoT is the role it will play in reviving agriculture.

From farm to robot to fork: How IoT is moving us towards ‘agriculture 4.0’


Service Recovery

The Oscar Fail of 2017 is a lesson in grace – how to handle things when they unexpectedly go wrong. Customer experience can relate to this debacle. Agents handle such situations with customers on day to day basis. How do they recover a fail without losing a customer? Here are some service recovery lessons we can learn from the Oscar Fail 2017.

You wouldn’t want to repeat an Oscar 2017 with your customer service



Customer transactions happen both online and offline. When they move from one place to another and one device to another, it is crucial to maintaining flawless customer experience. Here are some tips to omnichannel strategy.

The modern marketer’s omnichannel opportunity


Have a CX-tastic week!