CX Roundup – Edition 19

10, March 2017

Dear CX Buffs,

Welcome to another edition of the CX Roundup. We are happy to curate the best of cx from the week that went by. Over several weeks we have been highlighting stories about the future of technologies that will transform customer experience. This week we want to stress that in this process of embracing modern technologies, enterprises should not overlook the human factor and personalization in the area of customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

We shared that AI will enhance the customer experience by a notch. The areas it will permeate is large and wide. What more, according to this article, by 2025 the AI will manage 95% of customers interactions for enterprises. Read the details here.

AI to power majority of customer interactions by 2025


AI is just brilliant, mind-boggling technology to think like human beings. They can also respond and have conversations with humans, like how humans interact with each other. This technology can anticipate and predict what customers will need but can it be successful without the human touch? Apparently not, AI needs a bit of the human touch.

AI-Powered customer service needs the human touch


Human Factor

Like we said, advanced technology is a boon to the customer experience industry. However, customers appreciate enterprises who have their employees engage with customers effectively.

Why high-tech customer experience still needs a human face



In the customer experience industry, offering customers a personalized experience will go a long in generating revenues. Read more here.

The ROI of personalization

Along the same lines, here are some tips for a successful personalization strategy

7 best practice creating digital personal customer experience


The way enterprises engage with customers is going increasing mobile. Here is why these enterprises should adopt personalization for mobile customer service.

Why personalization is a must for the mobile customer experience



Here is a walk down the lane on the evolution of cloud computing since the past 20 years.

20 years of cloud computing – a retrospective


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