CX Roundup – Edition 17

17, February 2017

Hello CX buffs,

This week’s customer experience roundup focuses yet again, on Artificial Intelligence and its awesome capabilities which will change the way we go on about our daily lives. Dive straight to the roundup where you find interesting insights on analytics, IoT and contact centers.


Artificial Intelligence

Business dynamics world over is gearing up for a positive shift, especially the financial sector. Thank AI. Read here how AI will disrupt the finance sector.

AI is becoming a major disruptive force in bank’s finance sector


Earthquakes leave an aftermath of the destruction of lives and materials wherever it strikes. A seismologist is now actively seeking the help of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict tremors more accurately.

Can artificial intelligence predict earthquakes?


Classrooms will now benefit from artificial intelligence to make their learning process all the more effective. Here is the detailed story.

Artificial intelligence enters the classroom



We believe that data can never lie. This is also why the HR needs to jump the wagon of analytics and embrace its multitude potential and avoid costly mistakes.

People analytics can save you from making costly HR mistakes


Customer Interaction

Contact centers are finding ways to solve customer problems without losing the human factor. Live chat, for this reason, serves contact centers as a means to resolve customer queries face to face while staying miles apart. Here are the important reasons to incorporate live chat into your customer service strategy

9 reasons to consider live chat

Internet of Things

Enterprises strive to provide omnichannel experience to their customers across all channels. Traditional omnichannel strategies are now paving way for newer technologies ( IoT) to provide a seamless experience.

How will Internet of Things Impact Omni-Channel customer service offerings?


That’s all folks for this week, see you next week. Have a great week.