The CX Roundup – Edition 13

20, January 2017

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This week’s roundup is a mixture of all the happening news from the corners of the world in the customer experience space. Don’t wait any longer. Let the reading commence.


Customer Experience

This decade is proving to be more about how customers are changing business. The importance of customer experience management is now the biggest concern for enterprises. We have highlighted this below article tells you how to prioritize CEM for the year 2017.

Customer experience management should be your first priority



The cloud is here to stay. It has been winning over enterprises, yet cloud marketers are seeking ways to influence millennials and generation x that often occupy the upper management roles in company. Here is a guide to figure this out.

How to market Cloud to millennials and Gen Xers


Retail undergoes a welcome makeover with the adoption of cloud computing. This has enabled businesses to handle complex management tasks with lower effort and reduced cost. Read more to find out about this new makeover.

Cloud computing: a new era in retailing


Data Analytics

The abundance of data and the increasing usage of harnessing this data for business improvements. A new form of analytics called prescriptive analytics along with predictive analytics which is said to drive the future of customer data.

Take your customer data to the next level


Customer Contact Center

Businesses, for the purpose of profitable conversations, employ ‘Contact Center Agents’. These folks are the face of your brand who talk to your customers. It is only imperative that these agents need to be trained to face the high expectations of today’s customer service. Here are some tips to train your agents for the hot seat.


Social Media

Today, social media plays a crucial part in helping brands connect with their customers in real time. This form of reaching out to customers is changing customer experience and it is precisely the reason for you to click on the next link.

How social media can boost customer experience management


CX Events

Here is the list of events for thought leaders to meet and discuss the latest trends, insights, and strategies to improve the standards of customer experience industry.

Customer Experience Conferences 2017


Customer Journey

This one is for the analytics and data lovers. This article talks about the latest technologies to measure and track in-store customer journeys. Why is it important to read? To know how to keep bringing your customers back to your stores.

What is In-Store customer journey data?


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