The CX Roundup – Edition 12

6, January 2017

First things first.

We wish our reader a very Happy New Year!

We are so excited to share with you, our first roundup post for this year. From driverless transportation to movie theaters, we have an interesting bunch of news on CX.

Let’s begin with our post right away.



We have talked incessantly about Cloud because come on that’s the future. However, the new age cloud computing is going to be influenced by artificial intelligence in a big way. Read the details here.

AI is transforming cloud computing



Multiplexes and analytics? Did you ever think they would go together? Apparently, they do. Find out here how they do it.

Data analytics in a multiplex near you


Enterprises owning the implementation responsibilities of analytical projects on a large scale deal with complex problems. Here is an article to give you insights on how to select the right products for large scale analytical projects.

5 Ways to avoid common pitfalls in large-scale analytics projects


Customer Contact Center

Self-driving cars have already made a splash. But this company puts a new spin on driverless cars by introducing the human factor. Interesting isn’t it? To read more click on the link below.

The path to Self-Driving cars? Humans in call centers


Brands no longer compete with pricing but on the experience, they deliver to their customers. This responsibility drills down to the contact center. To ensure contact center exceeds customer expectations, it needs to be measured. Here are the most important KPIs that you should be tracking.

4 New critical contact center KPIs and metrics for CX success in the digital era


Big Data

Huge amounts of data today is an unpolished asset. With data, enterprises can get a 360-degree picture of customers. This comes handy in the gaming industry to identify who display signs of a gambling addiction. Read how big data can be used to tackle a social issue.

Big data to help to find people with gambling addiction


Tax departments can now employ the many benefits of Big Data analytics to handle their operations better and to a play a crucial role to bridge the tax gap. You can read in the link on the how it’s done.

Big Data analytics will help bridge India’s tax gap



Social Media

Marketers though have been utilizing Social Media to reach out to their customers. However, they struggle to discover, collect and simplify the data from social media. This article will help to solve this mystery.

The Social Media Puzzle: Stop playing mystery date with your customers


It a sad fact that when it comes to Social customer care, most companies have not been successful in making their customers happy. Here are solid ideas to deliver a fantastic customer service through social media.

Six ways to avoid social media customer service



Unified Collaboration

In the unified communications and collaboration space, new products, especially software-as-a-service is on the rise.  But these plug and play products aren’t compatible with one another. But with the technology innovation scene for 2017 and by choosing the right partners this can be tackled. Read more on this here.

2017 will tame chaos UCaaS market




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