The CX Roundup – Edition 11

23, December 2016

This week we had the shortest day of the year, yet we had nothing short of an eventful week as far as CX was concerned. We have for this week – Soccer, superheroes and our recent obsession, chatbot. We happen to think it suits the mood of this holiday season. So, here is what happened last week in the world of CX.




Soccer fans, brace for how data analytics if going to change the game of soccer forever.

Trends to shape soccer in 2017


Analytics has had us convinced that it is single most game changer of any business and its potential hasn’t been fully tapped yet. Here is a plan to utilize analytics better for your business.

A step-step by 2017 analytics plan


Marketing and PR can adopt analytics to reap a more favorable outcome for the effort that goes into campaigns. We have some PR and marketing tips to follow for a profitable 2017.

PR and Marketing resolutions for 2017



Customer Experience


The magnitude of change as far as customer experience goes has had a sudden spike in the recent years. Thanks to the Millennials. Customer experience is now all about the speed. Read more on how to influence them.

Millennials drive new order of customer experience


This festive season is the right season to celebrate the true superheroes of customer experience – Call Center employees. They are the pillars of any brand. Here is a helpful guide to enable them to build lasting relationships with their customers.

The superheroes of customer experience


Customer Journey


With the ability to monitor and gauge customer behavior in real-time and all along their journey, marketers can put it use for personalized messaging. Here is how it can be done.

Customer journey mapping puts insights in marketer’s hands


Brands no longer compete with pricing but on the experience, they deliver to their customers. This responsibility drills down to the contact center. To ensure contact center exceeds customer expectations, it needs to be measured. Here are the most important KPIs that you should be tracking.

4 Call Center KPIs for customer experience success




2017 will see some more of the Cloud domination and here is a guide to staying on cue about the trends that will shape business in the next year.

10 trends that will influence cloud computing



Managed Services


New technologies bring in new opportunities. Managed Services Providers, with their holistic approach to IT services, can help you benefit from these newbies. The advantages are many like these ones here.

6 Key advantages of using managed services




The rise of the chatbots is both intriguing and exciting. AI is joining hands with chatbots to make them more intelligent and intuitive. Read this below article to know how.

Chatbots: The future of conversational commerce and marketing


That’s all this week on CX Roundup. See you guys next week.

Wishing you season’s greeting from team Servion.




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