The CX Roundup – Edition 10

9, December 2016

Welcome back to THE CX ROUNDUP, the once a week summary of the hot happenings in the world of customer experience. What are you waiting for? Let’s take a deep dive.


The digital age has amplified the super power of analytics. There is no stopping, it will continue to dominate 2017. Here are the trends that will influence analytics in the year to come.

10 Trends That Will Influence Analytics


It’s that time of the year where resolutions are made, and here are some good ones to make on the analytics front for your brand.

5 New Year’s Resolution For Analytics



We can all agree that with entry of the Cloud has made our lives easier, yet the Cloud is harnessed to its potential. Think about storing critical data on the Cloud instead of just the back up. Read more here on how to do just that.

How To Use Cloud Storage Like A Pro


Increasing numbers of applications are now being delivered only through Cloud, yet many cloud service providers have been attacked which brings the question about the importance of a cloud security system. Here is more insight on this.

The Cloud Security Advantage


Customer Experience

It’s a common truth that good customer experience does a lot good to business. But what if we told you employee engagement affects the success rate in customer experience. Read here for more.

Design Your Employee Experience As Thoughtfully As You Design Your Customer Experience


Acquisitions and mergers of companies happen all the time. However, this also means changed ideas on a lot of aspects, especially customer experience. Here is a useful post that discusses these changes and their impact on CX.

How Acquisitions Affect Customer Service And Branding


20 Important Contact Center Metrics To Track



Contact Centers are expected to resolve customer queries quicker and make a decision, even more, quicker. With the help cloud communications, this can be done in a much easier way with a lot less effort. Read here how it’s done.

Five Ways Cloud Communications Can Enhance Customer Experience


The holiday season shopping rakes in more revenue than any other season for businesses. The marketing plan is tweaked to attract more shoppers. Here are some tips to go the omnichannel marketing way to gain more shoppers love.

7 Omnichannel Marketing Tips To Attract Holiday Shoppers


Social Media

Social media is undeniably the most fun way to market your brand to your customers. One can cast a wide net to gain loyal followers for your brand but its influence is but limited. You can read here on the upside and limit of social media marketing.

What Social Media Marketing Can and Can’t Do For You


That’s all from us. See you next week, CX loyalists.



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