The CX Roundp – Edition 25

28, April 2017

Friday Greetings,

This is the last CX roundup post of this month, and look what we put together for you.


Artificial Intelligence

The best thing to do now is make Artificial Intelligene your friend. Attention, HR Leaders are you listening.

Ten ways HR tech leaders can make the most of the artificial intelligence.


When Artificial Intelligence is changing every other industry, how can it not knock the doors of the creative agencies? Read here how AI can help them.

Artificial Intelligence can improve workflow for agency owners


Customer Support

A good customer support focuses more on being proactive than reactive. Here are some tips to deliver proactive communication to your customers

Zen and the art of proactive customer support


Social media is now the easiest way for customers to get in touch with their favorite brands. Read here how to build a good social media customer support strategy

3 Keys to a killer social media customer support strategy


Contact Center Analytics

When CX promises are made by brands, somehow they fall short when it comes to digital. To overcome this, design a CX experience that suits the digital care.

Anticipate Change: Design for  a digital CX



Customer Hub

Read here why enterprises should consider transforming their contact centers or call centers into a customer hub

Why you need to transform your call center into a customer hub


That’s all for this week folks. We’ll see you in May.




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