Blockchain, Automation and CX Trends For Healthcare

12, January 2018

The Law Attraction

To be successful as a brand, follow this one rule, the customer is the king. To please the king in this new age, customer experience becomes superior, when all the departments work together, including sales and marketing. It will bring about a change by eliminating barriers to customers and unlock massive opportunities.

Chain Reaction

The blockchain is the biggest tech buzzword this year. It’s potential is real, and will make a significant difference especially to the customer experience industry. It permits access to multiuser, modifies data, and monitor data. With the need for third-party vendor removed, it encourages transparency. What more, it’s secure and AI will make take it to a whole new level.

Healthy Trends

Customer experience in health care industry has always a bar lower than any other industry. This can be attributed the lack of a good design for a good patient experience. However, many health care companies are investing in CX related technology in order to provide a rich customer experience. These are the major trends that health care companies should focus on to do the same.

The Human Touch

Automation is revolutionizing every other industry. For the CX industry, it can go beyond reliving humans of mundane and unimportant tasks. This way, the human agents can concentrate on urgent, real-time tasks, which can be solved only by human wisdom. Automation can be used to leverage to humanize customer experience, and drive a customer-centric approach.