In the city that never sleeps: Awakening a new era of CX

8, November 2016

It was a bustling Friday evening in Mumbai with traffic buzzing everywhere. People were moving about with their busy lifestyles. After, in India, this was the city that reportedly has a sleeping problem. But it didn’t seem like a problem to me. In fact, it had just the kind of energy we were expecting for the joint event hosted by Servion and Cisco. Much like the theme of the event “Customer Care in the digital era”, our sales colleagues were communicating through various channels – WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS, email, telephone – with the customers who were attending the event.

The stage was set to welcome the who’s who of major financial institutions. These were the folks who ensured our interactions with any financial institution was on par with expectations.

The Connected Digital Experience

With the room now full, the Country Head for Servion, Gokulakrishnan and his counterpart from Cisco, Sandeep Mehra, took to the stage to welcome the audience. Sandeep took the customers through a quick look-back at the history of customer service and how it has evolved. “Life was a lot simpler then – today 89% of companies are competing on experience, whereas only 10% exceed customer expectations on a regular basis” Gokul seconds him. He drives the point by saying that “since 2013 66% switched brands due to poor customer experience. It’s CX that drives organizations these days, not customer acquisition”


The majority of the audience echoed that “digitization” was indeed the latest buzzword in customer experience. From Uber, Lyft, Air Bnb and Tesla – brands were changing the way the digital medium was used. So when organizations are going digital, shouldn’t customer care do the same? A considerable time was also spent in picking the audience’s brains on the customer journey. Do they get a connected experience throughout? Do they have same experiences on the phone vs an app? The need to provide the customer with a connected experience was further highlighted.

Personalized Sales and Service On-Demand

Next, a technology expert from Cisco, Sandeep Subramaniam, showcased to the audience, the Cisco Remote Expert. It is a solution for the Retail Banking industry to enable virtual face-to-face meetings with customers when they visit the branch or reach out from their PCs, tablets, or smartphones. Now, customers can easily connect with remote advisors in seconds in a rich video-enabled collaboration session. It maximizes the efficiency and productivity of your financial services advisors so organizations can meet customer needs at first contact and provide the personalized service the customer desires.

Sriram Sampath, who heads the technology practice at Servion, then presented the demo of our IP platforms – ServIntuit & ServInsights. A live scenario where a customer browses through the website a financial institution and how ServIntuit enables organizations to deliver next best actions based on customer behavior. This is followed by illustrating the efficiency of ServInsights, an operational analytics platform that gives a full view of the interaction points along the customer’s journey through various channels.


After a riveting Q&A session, Gokul and Sandeep emphasized on the future of customer experience. How the buzzwords of today can turn into the customer expectations of tomorrow.

Cisco and Servion have been running events on Customer Experience for their clients since the beginning of the partnership nearly 14 years ago.