What About Citizen Experience, McDonald’s Adopting AI For Customers To Love Them Some More, GDPR Being A Boon – Not A Burden, And Other News
CXRoundup 67

9, March 2018

Last week’s round-up of the customer experience world – the highs and the lows, the movers and the shakers, the drama, the action and the debates.

The White House doesn’t want to lag behind the private sector on customer experience: Numbers have shown that the satisfaction level with federal services is at an 11-year high. The US government does not want to slow down anytime. In fact, the President’s agenda for this month is likely to include concrete goals for customer experience – one of his six primary goal areas. But, can they ever meet the high experience expectations of today’s digital-savvy citizens? Read More

McDonald’s is investing in artificial intelligence, automation to improve store experience: McDonald’s is a food chain from the past that thinks like a food factory of the future. They are betting big on bot agents and natural language requests to resolve everyday kitchen problems so that their crew can focus more on taking care of customers. McDonald’s certainly wants to deliver a futuristic ‘I’m Lovin It’ customer experience. Read More

John Lewis is beating the blues with Customer Experience Management: Supermarket biggies – John Lewis Partnership and Waitrose – have had a rough 2017. However, despite intensifying margin pressures and drop in profits, their pressing investment priorities in customer experience remain unchanged. They are even gung-ho about 2018 being the year of their customer because of the experience they intend to provide. Read More

“European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be revenue generating opportunity”: GDPR is coming to fruition coming May, and any failure to meet the guidelines would cost companies up to 4% of annual global turnover. Co-founder of NGDATA, Luc Burgelman recommends that they stop viewing GDPR as an expensive burden, and use it as an incentive to leverage their existing customer data. Only then will individuals have explicit control over their preferred customer experience. Read More

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