by Naresh Govindarajan

26, March 2018

Attended process automation

As attended robotic process automation assists a human at the workstation and saves valuable employees time, who wouldn’t want a robot helper all the time?

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by Sheela Narashiman

12, March 2018

Virtual Customer Assistant

According to Gartner by 2020, 25% of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant technology across engagement channels, up from less than 2% in 2017. Virtual Customer Assistants (VCA) act on behalf of the enterprise to stimulate a conversation that delivers information and also potentially takes action on behalf of the customer to perform transactions.

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by Sameet Gupte

2, January 2018

Rise of Robotic Workforce Supervision - banner

With robotic process automation (RPA), being quick to implement, business operations can be seamlessly integrated and scaled without having to face a downtime or rebuild systems. The bots involved can manage anything from cognitive assessment to execution, and data migration to complex analysis using artificial intelligence and analytics in order to gather meaning and context […]

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by Sheela Narashiman

26, December 2017


It is the age of the Probots, Knowbots, and Chatbots. Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are not new terminologies in today’s industry parlance. McKinsey & Company analysts, predict that automation technologies will have an economic impact between $5.2 trillion and $ 6.7 trillion by 2025. RPA replicates a number of human activities and covers […]

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by Renil Mohan

15, December 2017

CX RoundUp 56 Banner

CX in the UK drops again, CX @ 140 characters, Can virtual assistants incubate human empathy, Rise in ransomware leading to more automation? and Iconic AIM shuts down. Scroll to read more

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