by Christy Bharath

20, June 2017

Robots vs Humans-banner

I have a sneaky suspicion that some people might be confusing the rise of artificial intelligence in the job market with the story-line from the Terminator trilogy. It has been gaining a fair amount of notoriety as the ultimate job killer. And if you believe the soothsayers – you can assume it is all over, folks. Better learn how to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Or buy a lottery ticket. Perhaps, your only hope is that, at some point, Arnold Schwarzenegger drops in to save you from a bleak future.

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by Bhagvan Kommadi

15, June 2017

Unified Communications Web Banner

Unified communications (UC) platforms help in delivering a plethora of services in the area of customer experience. From enterprise and consumer calling, branch exchanges, voice messaging, social media communications and rich collaboration services to video calling, telepresence services, texting, messaging and collaboration communication services, converged landline and mobile services.

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by Sheela Narashiman

30, May 2017

The rise of robots banner

Looking back, when one thinks of all those science fiction movies that hit the screens with robots of varying sizes and shapes little did it occur to the human mind that robots would one day begin to dominate. But the fact is, robots have now taken over and have begun to evade all walks of […]

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by Manu Yegnaraman

16, May 2017


AI has been an intrinsic quest of the human race right from the moment we invented the computing machine. The urge to make the computing machines more intelligent than ever before, in fact, signalled the birth of algorithms and complex application development. Since then, the growth of AI along with its challenges has been constantly changing, similar to the advancements in the IT industry.

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by Sheela Narashiman

25, April 2017

Graham Bell Telephone

On the way home, you pass the old telephone booth round the corner. You’ve never paid much attention to it. In fact, there are days that you have passed by and it failed to catch your eye. But today is different. You’ve lost your mobile and the old telephone booth suddenly seems to spring to life. You step into the dingy booth to find an old rotary phone. You drop the coin in the slot and start dialing. You hear the hello at the other end and that is when you realize how important this instrument is.

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by Sheela Narashiman

4, April 2017

Artificial Intelligence Ushers - Conversational Banking

The world we live in is an interconnected highway. Not only is it shrinking, but various parts of it are syncing with each other. These days – with the quantum leaps taken by the digital age to connect customers with brands, it is more evident than ever. It is indeed the age of the robots. But, like those old science fiction story-plots once claimed, they aren’t there to take over our planet. Or throw laser beams at us. They are making our systems more efficient and devices – smarter.

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by Servion

14, March 2017

AI Will Power 95 Of Customer Interactions By 2025

Artificial intelligence is today’s great obsession. World technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are competing fiercely to engage in AI research. As AI is starting to generate huge financial gains, no wonder these organizations are vying each other. Yet most organizations are still lagging behind. Servion’s Shashi Nirale, SVP & GM EMEA, reasons […]

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by Archana Sangili

10, March 2017


We are happy to curate the best of cx from the week that went by. Over several weeks we have been highlighting stories about the future of technologies that will transform the customer experience. This week we want to stress that in this process of embracing modern technologies, enterprises should not overlook the human factor and personalization in the area of customer experience.

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by Roshini Cherian

9, February 2017

Is Self-service the Icing on the Cake

A world run by robots, at our constant beck and call, this was something that we had foreseen. What we once called the technology of the future, has now become a reality. And with each passing day, the power and capabilities of it are increasing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made our lives a little bit easier. Gartner research states that AI continues to drive change in how businesses and governments interact with customers and constituents. It has, of course, automated activities and processes. But there’s more to it than virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana or Google Now.

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by Sheela Narashiman

7, February 2017


The IoT (Internet of Things) is no longer a distant dream. The digital world is converging with the physical world. We are now moving into a smarter world where just about anything can be connected. Enterprises have to see how best they can utilize IoT to provide effortless customer experiences that ultimately results in customer loyalty, additional revenues, and optimized efficiencies.

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