by Sheela Narashiman

18, January 2018

10 Factors to keep in mind before you automate

Service providers have been investing in automation for a long time but only recently automation has gained priority. According to Gartner Through 2021, cost savings from automation will range from 2% and 5% which will further the ongoing deployment of automation. However, don’t just focus on reducing labor costs while going in for automation. There are many more factors to consider before you automate.

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by Sameet Gupte

2, January 2018

Rise of Robotic Workforce Supervision - banner

With robotic process automation (RPA), being quick to implement, business operations can be seamlessly integrated and scaled without having to face a downtime or rebuild systems. The bots involved can manage anything from cognitive assessment to execution, and data migration to complex analysis using artificial intelligence and analytics in order to gather meaning and context […]

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by Sheela Narashiman

12, September 2017

Virtual Reality - web banner

In today’s digitalized world, technology has become sine qua non. The modern human would be at a loss in a world without Google, Netflix or Amazon. Interactions between customers and enterprises continue to evolve along with the advancements in technology and infrastructure. The quintessential customer of today is moving away from brick-and-motor stores. And global enterprises, led by future thinking, are rapidly transitioning towards an environment in which they can easily and symbiotically discover, engage and retain customers.

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by Archana Sangili

18, August 2017


Welcome to the 41st edition of the CX Roundup.

In this blog post, we bring to you the best of customer experience news, trends, and insights around the world.

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by Christy Bharath

20, July 2017

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The rise of bots into the service ecosystem is enabling enterprises to reimagine the way they deliver customer experience. By now, you must have heard it through the grapevine, irrespective of which customer service industry you belong to.  While some still consider it to be a case of setting the cat among the pigeons in […]

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