by Sheela Narashiman

25, January 2018

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The key to a successful business is a stream of happy customers willing to repeatedly purchase your products or services. One of the ways to ensure that your customers are satisfied is to ensure that your contact center agents handle them well. According to the Employee Engagement Benchmark study 2017, conducted by the Temkin group, […]

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by Sheela Narashiman

26, December 2017


It is the age of the Probots, Knowbots, and Chatbots. Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are not new terminologies in today’s industry parlance. McKinsey & Company analysts, predict that automation technologies will have an economic impact between $5.2 trillion and $ 6.7 trillion by 2025. RPA replicates a number of human activities and covers […]

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by Archana Sangili

23, June 2017


Welcome to the 33rd edition of the CX Roundup. We eagerly bring to you the best of customer experience trends, news, and insights from around the world. This week, we talk about robotic process automation as a virtual agent of change in delivering exceptional CX

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by Christy Bharath

1, February 2017


In recent years, given the changing role of technology in bridging the gap between brands and their customers, new expectations are being set around workforce optimization. Organizational WFO goals have shifted from being solely focused on operational efficiency to playing a critical role in leading to better customer care. So, here are four best practices that you can follow or recommend to strike a balance between agent productivity and superior customer experience.

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by Servion

1, December 2016


For enterprises, the contact center is the heart of customer engagement. But a contact center job is a demanding one. Anything can go wrong. Especially when agents face a sudden spike in volume of calls coming in. However, seasonal spikes is perhaps the lesser even when compared to its twin – the dreaded unplanned spike. It can lead to revenue losses and additional stress on customer service. It can also prove to be deal-breaker to your customers and make them switch their loyalties. Here are some tips to manage spikes – both planned and unplanned.

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