by Archana Sangili

18, July 2017

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The phrase – “Wait on hold” has inadvertently caused brands across domains to lose customers. This is because the measures to cut the average hold time are difficult to install. Most customers try to be patient and wait in the queue. But data reveals that the hold time is proportional to the volume of calls abandoned. This can cause the brand’s reputation to plummet. Besides sending existing and potential customers in the direction of competitors.
That’s where Courtsey Call Back(CCB) can come to rescue. This feature can help to reduce call waiting time and improve customer experience.

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by Shashi

12, January 2017


Every brand is focused on unlocking the full potential of its Customer Experience (CX) strategies. In this increasingly digital economy, businesses – no matter the geography or domain – are looking to keep their customers engaged, happy and loyal. Today, all you need to do is blink for a second and you may miss out on what your customers want. By the time you can react to it, your competitors may have already stepped in. That’s how rapid the evolution of Customer Experience Management (CEM) has been, over the past few years.

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