by Archana Sangili

24, November 2017

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Welcome to the 53th edition of the CX Roundup. We eagerly bring to you the best of customer experience trends, news, and insights from around the world.

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by Renil Mohan

21, November 2017


Today, on November 21, as the world celebrates World Hello Day – we would like to highlight the importance of personalized communication, and how it is the key to setting standards, scaling expectations and driving long-lasting relationships.

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by Roshini Cherian

21, September 2017

Dive into Contact Center Technology insourcing

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’ and this holds true when you attempt to learn a new skill, like riding a bike, surfing or even deep sea diving. While this applies to many industries, the contact center industry, over the years, has seen critical functions and processes making its way back into the hand-holding of enterprises.

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by Servion

7, September 2017

Important Contact Center Metrics

Organizations that care about delivering high-class customer experience and benefit from long-term profitable growth, should focus on tracking contact center metrics. This will help them understand how their contact center is performing, what needs to be done to improve its standards, how it can improve its employee performance, how to identify weaknesses prevalent in the system and set goals for both the individual and the organization.

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by Roshini Cherian

3, August 2017

Conversational IVR web banner

How has your recent call to the contact center been? Great? Good? Or tragic and unresolved? You have all gone through complicated self-service menus when reaching out to contact centers. And have often been frustrated with the multiple menus that need to be dealt with to reach an agent and solve a simple problem or ask a quick question.

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by Roshini Cherian

27, July 2017

5contact center threats in the telecom industry - banner

In the telecommunications industry, poor customer experience is a deal breaker in the relationship between enterprises and their customers. But, it is no easy feat for contact center managers to ensure meaningful and purposeful customer interactions each and every time. With calls, messages and emails going back and forth, about service offerings, new plans, network usages, etc, things can get heated between the customer and contact centers in the telecommunications industry.

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by Sethuramalingam B.

25, July 2017

following three C's-Banner

The power rests with the customer and to make sure enterprises thrive in competition, enterprises need to undo certain ways of handling customers and build newer ways to ensure that they not only stay with them but also promote them.

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by Christy Bharath

20, July 2017

2V Web_Banner-banking on the future

The rise of bots into the service ecosystem is enabling enterprises to reimagine the way they deliver customer experience. By now, you must have heard it through the grapevine, irrespective of which customer service industry you belong to.  While some still consider it to be a case of setting the cat among the pigeons in […]

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by Archana Sangili

18, July 2017

2V Web_Banner-Bye Bye Queues

The phrase – “Wait on hold” has inadvertently caused brands across domains to lose customers. This is because the measures to cut the average hold time are difficult to install. Most customers try to be patient and wait in the queue. But data reveals that the hold time is proportional to the volume of calls abandoned. This can cause the brand’s reputation to plummet. Besides sending existing and potential customers in the direction of competitors.
That’s where Courtsey Call Back(CCB) can come to rescue. This feature can help to reduce call waiting time and improve customer experience.

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by Sheela Narashiman

29, June 2017

Banner- lasting customer experience

Most organizations boast about customer centricity when it comes to executing and creating a wow experience, they fail. Delivering a lasting customer experience has never been more important to business especially at this digital age where customers are more knowledgeable and demanding.

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