by Archana Sangili

23, June 2017


Welcome to the 33rd edition of the CX Roundup. We eagerly bring to you the best of customer experience trends, news, and insights from around the world. This week, we talk about robotic process automation as a virtual agent of change in delivering exceptional CX

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by Sethuramalingam B.

22, June 2017


Technologies, platforms, solutions and application together witnessed this magnificent evolution of customer service. And if we look closely, there are many technologies that come to mind but three out of those specifically stand out.

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by Archana Sangili

9, June 2017


Welcome to the 31st edition of the CX Roundup. We are delighted with the support we are receiving for this curated blog post. This post brings the best of customer experience trends, news, and insights from around the world.

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by Sanjay Kalra

8, June 2017

How customer journey experiences-banner

Today, the biggest challenge for Enterprises is delivering superior and consistent Customer Experience across channels. It’s been proven repeatedly that Enterprises that provide superior customer experience lead consistently in revenue growth over laggards in customer experience.

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by Sheela Narashiman

25, April 2017

Graham Bell Telephone

On the way home, you pass the old telephone booth round the corner. You’ve never paid much attention to it. In fact, there are days that you have passed by and it failed to catch your eye. But today is different. You’ve lost your mobile and the old telephone booth suddenly seems to spring to life. You step into the dingy booth to find an old rotary phone. You drop the coin in the slot and start dialing. You hear the hello at the other end and that is when you realize how important this instrument is.

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by Archana Sangili

21, April 2017


  Hi there, We feature the best of customer experience stories, trends, and alerts that got the spotlight in the previous week. We have extensively focused on AI and Cloud on many of our editions. This week too, we are obliged to highlight the impact AI and Cloud Computing is having on different industries and […]

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by Partha Sarathi Mukhopadhyay

7, April 2017

The Future of CX Banner

Two terms that we often hear nowadays are ‘Digital Transformation’ and ‘Customer Experience’ (CX). For this article, I will focus on CX and briefly touch on how Digital Transformation is driving CX – I will not focus on what CX is or how we can provide a delightful customer experience for consumers (maybe that will […]

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by Vimal Abraham

3, March 2017

Customer Experience Lessons from Taoism

Lao Tzu was an ancient Chinese monk who worked in the imperial library of the Zhou Dynasty, in 6th century BC. Known as the founding father of Taoism, legends say Lao Tzu was born with white hair having spent eighty years in his mother’s womb. Well, what has Lao Tzu or Taoism got to do with customer experience?

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by Christy Bharath

27, December 2016


With every New Year arrives the urge to come up with resolutions that we vow to stand by. Pragmatic aspirations that are essential to creating moments of personal triumph. It is human nature, after all. Everyone is on a journey to constantly pursue a better life.

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by Servion

7, December 2016


Customer Experience is already the buzz word in the C-suite. If you are not providing a great customer experience, you are simply not in the race. Customer experience may be defined as the sum total of the emotions evoked and the senses stimulated during a person’s interaction with the brand. This interaction as we know could be interactive (chatting with a contact center executive) or non-interactive (listening to or viewing a campaign on social media) for the customer.

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