Busting the offline apocalypse myth, sunny days for CX, data trust is a must, and more
CXRoundUp 71

6, April 2018

Here’s the latest from the world of Customer Experience for your weekend reading – the highs and lows, the movers and shakers, the drama, the action and the debates, in this week’s roundup

An experience to remember in Orlando

The only thing constant in customer experience is change, and it has become clear that knowledge sharing is pivotal for enterprises to keep up with the pace.  NICE, a worldwide technology leader, has announced the launch of Interactions 2018. It is the world’s leading CX event, with over 2,100 movers and shakers, to be held on May 14-16 in Orlando, Florida. Featuring keynote speaker – the legendary talk show host Jay Leno, Interactions 2018 is sure to be a spring in the step of CX innovators. Read more

Myth-busting the offline apocalypse

The ‘out with the old, in with the new’ adage has been prophesied as far as experience technologies in the retail industry are concerned. With AI-driven ecosystems coming to the fore, will brick-and-motor stores go extinct? Or is there a comeback story that rises above the so-called offline apocalypse? Glenn Shoosmith, CEO of a leading online booking platform, talks about how the situation can be likened to a Norse legend! Read more

Frontrunner of the digital banking doorway

Going digital is more than a buzzword for the BFSI industry in the Middle East. It has become a necessity in order to cater to their modern customers. But, who takes the top spot in delivering superior digital experiences? In the recently held Asian Banker’s International Excellence 2018 Awards, ENBD was named the ‘The Best Digital Bank in the Middle East’ for Liv – their digital lifestyle banking app, which was also honoured for ‘The Best Internet Banking Application’ award internationally. Read more

Transcribe, translate and tap into the future

Amazon has been renowned for being a technology innovator since its inception. This week, they have proved it one more time, with the recent launch of two new machine learning services – Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate. The former provides grammatically correct audio transcriptions that can be analyzed, indexed and searched;
the latter delivers natural sounding language translation in real-time and batch scenarios. Read more

In data we trust

With Facebook’s data breach controversy throwing the spotlight on the importance of privacy measures, many thought leaders are offering their opinions. “The trust that needs to be created between a company and the individual is, tell me what you’re collecting and how you’re using it,” says Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s CEO at a recent summit. “It’s important for us to be on the leading edge of how we deal with customers,” he adds.
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