Cloud adoption, bitcoins & AI, prediction made easy

29, December 2017

Adopting the Cloud 

Businesses are increasingly relying on automation to let the machines carry out urgent tasks. The early adopters of automation are moving it to the cloud. And the new entrants are weighing in the advantages.The availability of data from anywhere along with scale-up potential that comes with decreased costs. It looks probable that 2018 will see cloud-based automation come of age.

AI aids to trade cryptocurrencies

We noticed a lot of excitement around cryptocurrencies towards the end of this year with the Bitcoin boom. Loads of people who predicted that cryptocurrencies will be a thing, invested in it and seems like they have reaped the benefits. However, there is an air of uncertainty and lack of know-how on how to trade cryptocurrencies. Worry not, AI technology enables people to manage their cryptocurrencies.

 The future looks bright for CX

It’s the time of the year to make predictions on customer experience. To stay ahead of the competition and consistently attempt to deliver exception customer experience, knowing what will be big can help businesses plan better. The coming year will see an increased adoption of machines and automation, omni-channel experience and to make every encounter with the customer all the more personal. Voice will lead the innovation front along with a little help from IoT. Customers will be surprised to see that brands respond to their emotional expectations.

Make it easy to predict

Predictive analytics is making sense from accumulated data and foretell the next best outcome. Marketers can use this model to improve their digital marketing campaigns. Start by identifying information channels, run campaigns and see if the prediction matches. Track customers’ journeys and create personas. Overtime, this model will yield results and increase sales.