Anti-CX Resolutions, AI into Real Estate, CX Value Creation

5, January 2018

The Anti-CX Resolutions

It’s time of the year to make new beginnings. Or enhance the already existing. To keep the resolutions that one makes. For brands, it’s time to list new CX goals. To ensure they make 2018, the year their customers loved them. To make the best of CX resolutions, we put together the best of resolutions your customers won’t make. Get to know what must go, in order to have the best year of CX.


AI Moves Into Real Estate

The Real Estate is one industry, which has needs a lot of improvements when it comes to customer experience. AI can help to transform how transactions and communication are handled in retail industry. By using the power of AI, information sharing on construction projections across social media, including billing, response to queries in real time with minimal human support. It will definitely improve productivity and find time to focus on things of a higher order.


A Value Judgement

Customer experience from a customer’s viewpoint is a win-win approach for both brands and their customers. It can be incorporated from an end-to-end customer lifecycle. But why is it essential? It is a step to maximize the performance towards the shareholder. This radical approach is called Customer Experience Value Creation. By centering your strategizes on your customers, the value creation for your brands will take off.


The Journey Matters

In the financial industry, how can one determine if the digital customer experience is a hit or not? It might a tad more complex, given that a customer’s journey may not essential start and end digitally. A customer’s life cycle can start on a mobile phone and end up in a branch. So, to measure CX with digital channels alone isn’t a right enough metric.