6 ways cloud contact centers improve agent experience
6 Ways Cloud Contact Centers Improve Agent Experience

20, April 2017

Cloud contact centers are changing the way businesses communicate with their customers.

Having made the customers’ lives easier, cloud enables effortless interactions via voice, email, chat or social media from anywhere, any time.

With low investment costs, easy deployment and immediate usage, contact centers can be converted from on-premise to cloud technology, comprising modern technological and up-to-date software versions.

With customers at the forefront and expecting information instantly, there is a lot of backend work that agents do to look for information. And with rising call waiting times, most often customers having high frustration levels choose to leave the conversation mid-way with unresolved issues.

Research shows that satisfied agents are more helpful and have friendly interactions with customers providing good customer experience. Cloud contact centers are the perfect platforms that benefit both agents and customers. Agents can help solve customers’ problems quicker and improve their productivity and experience.

So here are six ways by which cloud-based contact centers are improving agent experience.

1. Enable agents to work remotely

Cloud-based contact centers allow agents to work from a convenient place. With no hassles for enterprises to host information on servers, enterprise can now have agents working from virtually anywhere with easy access to information.

This helps to provide 24/7 customer service and aids agents to save time. This not only makes them happy while interacting with customers but also boosts agent productivity.

Omni Channel Engagement

2. Enhance omni-channel engagement

Omni-channel engagement has made interaction between customers and agents easier through channels like voice, web, email, chat, social media and other mediums.

Agents working in cloud contact centers can interact with multiple customers across different channels using a single workstation. While letting customers interact with agents through their preferred channels, agents can also be capable of addressing a larger number of customers on various channels.

3. Easy collaboration and on-demand customer data

Gone are the days of asking people or looking through multiple files for information.

The cloud infrastructure has brought in an added and helpful feature of collaboration. This avoids multiple copies of the same file and helps teams work in unison on documents that are hosted on the cloud.

Accessible from any device, customer service agents and technology team can work together simultaneously to add or refer information.

4. One stop storage for all your information

A centralized system to store all your critical information is possible now with the help of cloud-based contact centers.

This storage feature makes data look a lot easier and less troublesome as you get what you need in a few clicks from one place. It not just improves transparency among employees in an enterprise but also helps agents have more time to learn about their customers.

In addition to this, looking for customer data has become an easier task for agents. With the centralized system and dashboard, agents can get a comprehensive view of customer information during interactions. This increases the chance of delivering great customer experience.

5. Maximizing agent efficiency

Cloud contact centers have not just made it easier for the customers but also for agents.

With the capability to handle multiple customer interactions across diverse channels from one place, it helps agents resolve issues quickly with great accuracy. Features like ACD, prioritized callback and IVR have reduced time spent on an issue and made call routing efficient.

Software updation from Cloud

6. Automatic software updates

Cloud-based contact center software aim to enable ease of use of the software for the contact center agents.

As data and information solely rests on the cloud, software updates are seamless and automatic. This lets agents have timely updates without the need to experience downtime or wait for outdated software to be updated on their workstations.

Reaching the highest rating in customer satisfaction score is the primary goal for any contact center.

Cloud-based contact centers have done that and made them more omni-channel friendly and with focus on delivering great customer experience. Agents are satisfied with the cloud-based contact center software as it ensures positivity and assurance in every customer interaction.

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